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Trivia question answers for Friday April 17, 20201. What was the first NBA team named after a car part? The Detroit Pistons2. Who said "He who drinks his cider alone, let him catch his horse alone"? Benjamin Franklin3. What name is given to a main downward-growing root of a plant? Taproot4. What ...
Trivia question answers for Thursday April 16, 20201. What common item is made up of twelve pentagons and twenty hexagons? A soccer ball2. What is measured in Watts? Power3. Graham Kerr became famous under what nickname? The Galloping Gourmet4. What is the name of Lois Lane's younger sister? Lucy...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday April 15, 20201. Who played Michael Corleone's second wife in  "The Godfather"? Diane Keaton2. What kind of flower does saffron come from? Crocus3. What classic novel's subtitle is "A Space Odyssey"? 20014. How many toes do ostriches have on each foot? TwoTri...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday April 14, 20201. What movie earned Katherine Hepburn her last Oscar? On Golden Pond2. Which foot did Neil Armstrong first set on the moon? Left3. Other than the bald eagle, what is the only species of eagle found in the US? The golden eagle4. How many times a y...
Trivia question answers for Monday April 13, 20201. What country does not tolerate Christmas lights? Saudi Arabia2. What was the name of the high school in the movie "Grease"? Rydell High3. What movie does the line "nobody puts Baby in the corner" hail from? Dirty Dancing4. What does "karaoke" li...
Trivia question answers for Sunday April 12, 20201. What color is produced by the complete absorption of light rays? Black2.What gate does the three-headed dog Cerberus guard? The gates of Hades3. What was called an "ironclad"? A ship4. What physical force is the only one that is always attractiv...
Trivia question answers for Saturday April 11, 20201. Lemurs are found almost entirely on which isolated island? Madagascar2. What country is the "land of the lions"? Singapore3. In"Farmer in the Dell", what stands alone? The cheese4. What is Rambo's first name? JohnTrivia questions for Sunday Ap...
Trivia question answers for Friday April 10, 20201. What is added to white sugar to make brown sugar? Molasses2. Black eyed peas are nor peas. what are they? Beans3.Who appeared on the first cover of TV guide? Lucille Ball4. The "pinna" is the outer, visible part of what? The EarTrivia questions ...
Trivia question answers for Thursday April 9, 20201/ Who was the fairy in Peter Pan? Tinkerbelle2. Is Japan closer to the North Pole or South Pole? North Pole3. Which US actor is the first to star in 8 consecutive number one hit movies? Will Smith4. What scientific principle allows a compass to w...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday April 8, 20201. What age preceded the Iron Age? Bronze Age2. What is a group of parrots called? A pandemonium3. What Shakespearean character has the most lines? Hamlet4. How many stars are in the Big Dipper constellation? SevenTrivia questions for Thursday Ap...

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