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Today my client was issued a time of the essence letter. He's purchasing a REO and the bank will not give an extension. His mortgage contingency is over but I don't have a clear to close yet. Its the gosh darn-it appraisal holding back bank clearance. To make a long story short, the out of area a...
I'm not quite sure how the bad rap started, but when I'm hanging out with friends and someone will ask me what I do for a living I sorta mumble and quickly change the subject. The funny things is I don't exactly know what I'm embarrassed of, I just know its something I should stay quiet about. Th...
The Unaudited, Unaccountable Fed are at it again! Are we really going down the road in AMERICA when we can say you can not name your price? Furniture sales people, Airlines, Florists and every other industry in AMERICA sets a price, finds the consumer, agrees on the transaction and then puts fort...
I sometimes wonder what in the world are people thinking?? Are they in the mortgage business simply to write loans and produce a number of orders? or are they here to help folks with the best loan possible for their particular circumstance. I just got off the phone with a young couple purchasing ...
I've been doing residential mortgages for the past 8 years, and the past 8 months for me has not been fun at all!! I started disliking originating loans, It used to be a challenge, but suddenly I had to say NO to lots of clients, the banks just are taking too long and I got tired of dealing with ...
I wanted to hear everyone's take on Fannie mae's code as of January 2009. Do you see business to go as usual or some major issues bearing ahead. Personally, i feel this can be a deal breaker. If the brokers don't have control over an appraisal the problems I foresee are as follows:1. expediency a...
I used to be more relaxed and was a strong believer of "laissez-faire" however with these market changes I find that the most important thing to keep us ahead of our competition, is to show the consumer the following 5 points 1. we are giving it our best!2. we wont let something slip through our ...

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