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Although I have been in the business for 7 years, this industry continues to amaze me. I think this is the only industry that uses the word "galore". I'm not sure why I find that word so amusing but I do. Where else do you hear, read, or use that word? I mean really. Plus. It's just a funny word ...
This was sent and reprinted with permission from   As aRealtor, are you keeping yourself apprised?   Consumer protection regulations have been put in place to ensure that homebuyers receive better information, especially regarding cost disclosures, earlier in the mortgage process.  ...
My son Clive is three years old. He is a funny little boy with cute and quirky sayings. For example, he likes to use the word “lasterday” often. This is a Clive-ism in which he has combined the word “yesterday” with the words “last day” and made “lasterday”. When I ask Clive if he would like waf...
I am a Gen Xer. I grew up in a home without cable television. My parents lived in the boondocks of Johnson County, KS (yes, we had running water). Whereas my friends had cable (which meant MTV), I was forced to live a life of the outdoors, mainly riding horses. I loved my childhood but I always f...
With homeowners facing financial difficulties, foreclosures and short sales are rapidly gaining popularity. But doesn't a short sale mean you can get a really great property for a really, really good price? Yes and no. Keep in mind everything has an opportunity cost. Short sales can take up to si...

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