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Product Reviews for Quality Service Certification

Quality Service Certification Overview

3.6/5 5
Average Rating: 3.6/5 (5 votes cast)
Company: Quality Service Certification (QSC)
Address: 1810 NW 6th Street, Suite F , Gainesville , FL 32609
Contact Name: Larry Romito
Category: Education & Training
Subcategory Certifications / Designations
QSC is revolutionizing the way professional services are delivered by helping consumers and service professionals align their interests so that each can experience the most beneficial outcome.

In the best of all worlds, identifying the common goals of consumers and service professionals starts with defining and understanding consumer interests:

High service value (relation between price and quality)
Great service experience and satisfaction
Professional accountability (service providers performing as promised)
Consistency (being able to count on a particular service outcome)
Responsiveness to requests and when things go wrong
The alignment of interests and achieving mutual goals can be optimized when a real estate service professional takes a disciplined approach to service delivery, follows a service process, sets and meets expectations (through use of a service guarantee), and manages that service process and the service outcome through to its conclusion and beyond. Performance assessment and customer feedback are essential factors.

In turn, by creating a customer experience that meets or exceeds consumer needs and expectations, the real estate professionals can achieve their own goals and what is most important to them, including:

attracting an increasing number customers
maximizing repeat customer and referral business
creating a superior professional reputation
gaining competitive advantage and competing on the basis of a better value proposition
QSC has established itself as the premier advocate of quality service delivery in the real estate industry and has recently branched out into other professional service industries, delivering resources, tools and critical information to consumers, professionals and others.

Turning the promise of superior service into a measurable reality is a win-win scenario for consumers, real estate professionals, business owners and industry leaders.

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Quality Service Certification Reviews

(by tonymarriott)
Scottsdale, AZ
Real Estate Agent
Contact Me Reviews(671) 73.75 % Positive Feedback
" and affiliated sites are owned and operated by Quality Service Certification, Inc. (... more
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Washington, DC
Real Estate Agent
Contact Me Reviews(116) 94.12 % Positive Feedback
This is the very first time I've heard of any certification that involved service quality, and I thi... more
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(by davidsaks)
Memphis, TN
Education & Training
Contact Me Reviews(538) 62.63 % Positive Feedback
Another item in the never ending quest for dead links among ActiveRain product reviews, to include o... more
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Memphis, TN
Education & Training
Contact Me Reviews(538) 62.63 % Positive Feedback
I'm not a fan of certifications and designations outside of what you license requires by law. Anythi... more
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Banning, CA
Real Estate Agent
Contact Me Reviews(33) 100.00 % Positive Feedback
I took the class last year and paid $89 for it and we had to take a test at the end of the day. They... more
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100.00 % thought this review was helpful