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Calgary , AB T3E7M8

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I am a Certified Condominium Specialist specializing in inner-city condos. I am licensed with Royal LePage Foothills in Calgary, AB, Canada.

Get to know Andrew Kyle

Who am I?

I am a licensed Realtor specializing in inner-city condos. I know the neighbourhoods of Mission, Cliff Bungalow, Lower Mount Royal and Connaught (the Beltline) particularly well.

I own and live in a condo in Connaught.

My Strengths:

1. Ethics

I take business ethics very seriously. As a matter of fact one of the things which attracted me to real estate was the efforts of the industry, since 2000, to "raise the bar" for Realtors as far as diligence and ethics and move the role into that of a true profession. The industry in Alberta has come a long way in the last couple of years, and will continue to progress in this regard.

As an example of progress, this fall Royal LePage Foothills, and some other brokerages in Alberta, are going to a new model called Designated Brokerage as an alternative to the old Dual Agency method of handling the inherent conflict of interest involved when the same brokerage represents both the buyer and seller in a transaction. The new model deals with the potential conflict of interest much more effectively, and ensures that both the buyer and seller can rely on their Realtor to fulfill the most possible fiduciary duties for them at all times. This is a step-change improvement over the old practices.

I chose Royal LePage Foothills as my brokerage because it has the same progressive attitude toward raising the bar on Realtor ethics as I have. You can and should expect more from me as your Realtor.

2. Communication

In discussions with my clients the number one complaint they have about Realtors they have dealt with in the past is a lack of communication.  My philosophy is that buying and selling real estate is as much about people as about properties. As my client you will find me constantly asking you questions, and more importantly listening to the answers! This is to make sure that we are, as much possible, "on the same page", ensuring that I understand your situation, needs, and goals and you are benefitting to the maximum from my knowledge and expertise.

3. Organization and Attention to Detail

With a background in Engineering (B.ASc., University of Waterloo, 1990) I am all about sweating the details on behalf of my clients. I have little patience for things done without attention to detail. You can count on me to worry about the details so you don't have to.

 4. Condo Specialist

I am a Certified Condominium Specialist. I know condos and the complexities involved in their sale and purchase. Be sure to check out some of the articles I have written in my newsletter, "Calgary Condo Life" which is distributed to 7500 condo/apartment dwellers in Calgary each month. I own and live in a highrise condo, the Emerald Stone, near 15th Ave and 8th St SW.

5. The Use of Technology

From 1997 until 2006 I ran a successful internet business. And I have a background in Engineering. So I consider myself one of the most "wired" Realtors in Calgary. This means more internet exposure for properties that I list, and higher level of service for my clients. Increasingly, technology is key to buying and selling real estate efficiently and servicing clients well. Let me show you the difference that having a tech-savvy Realtor can make.

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I specialize in condos, particularly those in the inner-city of Calgary. I know the neighbourhoods of Mission, Cliff Bungalow, Lower Mount Royal and Connaught (the Beltline) especially well.