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Get to Know Reginald D. Wimbley

I am a Nationally Recognized Sales Consultant with more than 18 years experience in real estate finance, investing and marketing, specializing in investor property, commercial properties, creative financing and credit repair.

I'm currently a Strategic Partner with Mason Hill Real Estate Investment Company.  Mason Hill is the leader in turnkey cash flow real estate. We focus on a "time-tested" mathematical model that generates solid investment returns based on common sense. In short, we provide discounted, rent-ready investment properties in areas with strong rental markets. Then we screen and place tenants, manage the properties and deliver the profits to our clients each month.

In addition to providing an excellent real estate investment opportunity, Mason Hill also has a program for those with a self-directed IRA, 1031 exchange or 401K to optimize their return potential.

For more information about our model, join us for our introductory 60-minute webinar "Hassle Free Investing: Introducing the Mason Hill Model"

Reginald D. Wimbley
Let Mason Hill Do All The Work

Take advantage of the unprecedented opportunities in the market without all the hard work.  Mason Hill’s model is not incredibly complex.  There are six basic steps involved:Here’s how it works:1. Our analysts identify the most profitable markets for investment.

Our in-house analysts scour over 150 major real estate markets within the United States. We focus on areas that have bottomed out and are beginning to show signs of appreciation. We also only invest in areas that indicate a strong job market, adequate growth and a healthy rental market. Although we calculate potential future appreciation, our main focus with all of our investment areas is a high return on investment based solely on rents collected.

2. We purchase properties in bulk from banks and REO sources from these profitable investment areas.

Once an area is identified, we acquire properties in bulk through our established relationships with banks, REO departments, etc. This allows us to gain access properties in the best condition for the lowest price. The properties we acquire are priced less than 50% to 60% of replacement value.

3. We refurbish the properties to "near new" status.

We paint, clean or replace the carpets, remodel the kitchens, replace appliances, fix or replace HVAC systems and so on. We make it clean and attractive for reliable tenants.

4. Our on-site, in-house property management team places tenants.

Our in-house property managers have decades of experience and achieve an average occupancy rate of 93%. We screen all of our tenants for a reliable employment history, references and good credit. Tenants we place sign a 12 to 24-month lease agreement.

5. We sell the property to our clients (fully deeded) - if our clients need financing, we will line that up as well.

All of our clients own their real estate outright. They have complete control over their investments. This means that they can choose to sell at any time or find a property manager other than Mason Hill or do anything they wish with their properties. In addition to selling real estate to our clients, we also aid in the process of lining up financing (i.e. through IRA's, a traditional mortgage, borrowing against securities, etc.)

6. We then manage the property - and we deliver a check or deposit to our clients every month with a cash flow report.

Your time is valuable. Our property management services are in place to save you time, as well as the hassle of managing your own property. We handle all the little details of lawn maintenance, fixes, collecting rent, etc. Every month, we provide our clients with a cash flow report and deliver the net profit to their bank account.


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