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Real Estate Broker with 23 years experience, Mark Cherney is not only the Broker and Co-Owner of Real Living Bay Realtors, but is also a top producing Realtor in the Green Bay Area for two decades.

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EXPERIENCE MATTERS !  Many Individuals have the opinion that every REALTOR is equal in skill and knowledge and it doesn't matter if there is one week experience or forty years experience.  Having over two decades experience in working with Buyers and Sellers and handling the transaction events of over 1200 transactions, Mark Cherney has the expert knowledge to negotiate the very best deal for YOU. 

As a Listing Agent, Mark will make sure that all Buyers for your home are qualified, both financially and in Desire, and that any Offer contingencies are reasonable requests and that can be satisfied in the least amount of time.  You will be coached to price your home to achieve maximum exposure to potential Buyers while realizing the best sales price. Not sure what to do to prepare your home for sale?  Mark will walk through your home and give you detailed advise on how to stage your home to appeal to the greatest amount of Buyers.  You will be given superior service from the first time you meet Mark until after the successful sale.

Buyers Beware: If you do not have a REALTOR as a Buyer representative ( Buyer Agent ), then you are on your own! Without representation, every home you look at, The Agent will be representing the Seller. Mark Cherney offers Buyers the opportunity to be represented by a REALTOR that has nearly a quarter century of experience and BUYER AGENCY THROUGH MARK IS FREE! Would it be helpful to get a straight forward opinion of the Home's quality, price, and re-sale appeal.  Before making an offer to purchase, mark will prepare a Price Opinion based on recent home sales of similar properties. Mark will show you the sales history of the home, what the current owner paid, how long it has been for sale and any other valuable information to help you get the home at the best possible value. 

NOT ALL REALTORS ARE THE SAME:  Contact Mark Cherney today for a FREE consultation.  920-265-0320



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Foreclosures: Mark has been selling foreclosures since before foreclosures were cool!  Want to buy a HUD home for only $ 100 down payment? Few Realtors know how to utilize this unique incentive or how to get it financed through most Mortgage Brokers. Mark has Lenders from  Do you want to see ALL the available foreclosures that are available in the area, not just my Company's listed foreclosures?  Mark has a comlete updated list and can get you in quick-before they are sold. 

Relocation: Moving into a new location, whether it is across State or From another Country, is a stressful and emotional time. Mark understands what your family is going through and is interested in finding the right fit for your family, not just selling a house.  Take a tour of the City, find out where the best schools are, Does a family memeber Swim Competitively or Play Hocky ? We will find them a community that supports their interests.  Mark has worked with most relocation Companies and will agree to Company specific terms.  Real Living's MyRealLiving2.0 web site allows Families that are temporily living apart, stay abreast of the housing market and share listing information, photos, and virtual tours.  Visit us at .

New Construction: Having been a General Building Contractor for seven years, Mark understands new home construction better than most REALTORS, from site selection, to building plans to recommending a quality Home Builder. Mark can be your personal consultant fromt he design process until move-in date and beyond!  The recession has brought lot prices and building material costs down significantly. You can now build a custom home for about the same cost as buying an existing home. Make building an exciting step in your life and avoid the nightmares that many experience while building by using a trusted consultant. THIS IS A FREE SERVICE. 

Estate Sales: When a loved one passes from our lives, Their worldly possessions need to be distributed to family or discarded. Mark Cherney can help you with not only the sale of a home or investment real estate but also with the organized sale of personal belongings and valuables. Through a Partnership with Lifetime Treasures Estate Sales, LLC, Your beloved possessions will be carefully inventoried, researched for optimal value, Priced, and sold through carefully administered Tag Sale and Direct Sale to Collectors.  As an alternative to an auction service, Life Time Treasures goal is to maximize the sold value of personal belongings. A lifetime of valuables should not just be sold to the highest bidder.

Homes should not be peddled as clearance items at greatly reduced prices. Your family deserves true market value for Estate Real Estate and Mark Cherney and Real Living Bay Realtors will make sure that the home is marketed in a way to maximize the sale price and give the heirs the highest value. Homes will be staged for sale and even small repairs will be made to make the property compete with any other. We want to sell the home quickly for the best possible price. Don't let an auction service or real estate company "give" it away. Your Loved One deserves better.

Divorce: I recently noticed a statistic that said that over 50% of marriages end in divorce. It is more common today, than ever before, with the stress of the economy to see more and more foreclosures. Since many divorced couples own real estate and most would not be able to keep the home on the own income, selling the family home has become a nessessary task.  Someone with this need will require a REALTOR that has the ability to communicate to BOTH the Ex-Husband and Ex-Wife and to assure a smooth transaction that will ultimately eliminate much of the stress and maximize the sales proceeds. Mark Cherney is such an Agent and He prides himself in communicating fully with all parties with the use of technology through e-mails and Personal Web Sites.  Contact Mark today for a free sit-down consultation. He is happy to meet with you seperately. 


1st TIME HOME BUYERS: There has never been a better time in history to buy a home. Prices are lower today than they were five years ago. Interest rates are lower now than they were after World War II. And the topping on this cake: The Government is offering an $ 8000 Tax credit to any first time Buyer or Those who have not owned a personal residence in three years.  That is an $ 8000 reward to Buy a home and close on it before December of 2009. Mark loves working with first time home Buyers and will show all the best homes at the best values.  Mark will work with the Buyer as a Buyer representative at NO COST to the Buyer.  Don't waist time-see every home on the market through Mark and Buy before December !



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