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My philosophy about real estate is simple. Provide each client with a level of service and integrity I would give to members of my own family. I want to be there for my clients for the long term.

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When I decided to start a real estate business I knew I wanted to provide the best possible service for my clients, teaming up with Edina Realty has allowed me that opportunity.  Emma Rovick took a chance in 1955 when she made the decision to purchase an almost defunct real estate business, setting high standards and hard work she was able to build a successful thriving real estate business that operates 80 offices in three states today.  Thanks to her efforts I'm able to offer my clients professional service second to none.  With the tools and resources provided to me by Edina Realty, my knowledge and skills I know my clients will get the results they are looking for. 

Living in St Louis Park, Minnesota since I was 5 has shown me the importance of a strong committed community, after all a great community will lead to great real estate.  Choosing to live by the following core values has helped me to reach a level of service I am proud to offer my clients.  I am dedicated to always: 1) Live by the "Get By Giving" philosophy.  2) Make my client's #1 goal, my #1 goal.  3)  Live up to my standards despite temptations to lower them.  4)  Be willing to work toward a common good.  5)  Do what I say I will do, sometimes more, just never less.  Through these core values I'm able to provide service with satisfaction and integrity that I'm proud of and get the results my clients are looking for. 

 I know the greatest compliment any Realtor can get is to be referred by someone.  I want my clients to be able to refer me to their friends and family without hesitation.  Real estate is as much about the people inside the homes as it is the properties themselves.  A good Realtor knows that every family members needs are important, you can be reassured I will be there looking out for your entire family from the beginning of the process all the way to closing.  I will be sure you and your family are not only satisfied today but for years to come. 

I'm committed to being 100% honest, I'm concerned about your needs and the best way to meet them.  You can be sure I will present the facts and give you straight answers-even if your best option is not to buy or sell property.  Put it all together and you get results, I'm always working to give my client the best possible service.  My clients can look forward to; 1) Superior Real Estate Knowledge, 2) Expert Product and Neighborhood Knowledge, 3)  Excellent Communication Skills, 4)  A Skillful & Effective Negotiator, 5) Exceptional Personal Service and Commitment to Your Success, 6) Innovative Marketing Ideas to Sell Your Home Quickly. 

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I'm all about community, stepping up and being involved, if we all make an effort to do our part the whole community gets better and better and great communities lead to great real estate.  I have found this to be true in my own experiences.  I have lived in St Louis Park practically all my life and I have to confess I just love it here.  Many residents have lived here for many years, many leave and come back.  I volunteer coordinated for the school district 7 years and was astounded at how many students in the schools had parents I knew from when I was in school.  So I like to think of my self as a St Louis Park expert, a community that steps up, a community that does the right thing; a school district and community that is always thinking of ways to put "Children First". 

I think everyone does well when everyone does well.  Growing up in such a community has made it easy to go the extra mile.  It's just the right thing to do, so when it comes to my clients, complete full service is a no brainer. Whether it's creating marketability, generating inquires, separating the lookers from the buyers or negotiating the sale, I have the tools, knowledge and skills to get the job done.  With my team at Edina Realty and my team of vendors I have compiled from my own experiences and that of friends and relatives I'm ready to help you get the job done.  For a seller that means a unique marketing plan for their unique real estate, resulting in the highest price in the shortest amount of time.  As for buyers I will help you find the kind of home today that will keep us good friends tomorrow and into the future.  For me it's not about a one time sale, but to build a lifetime of relationships.