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Real Estate is the biggest investment many people will ever consider to invest in. Finding the right home can be time-consuming. Many aspects play a role in deciding which home to buy. Part of the decision is the "Home Inspection". Checkingwiring,plumbing, the roof among others should'nt be the only task.With more more than 2,000 year of history  Feng Shui is the only approach to determine energy patterns of a home. Consulting with a Feng Shui Consultant on floor plans prior to moving  - whether it is new construction, an existing home, or before any renovation gets started; when analyzing the Feng Shui you will learn what is in storage for you after you move in.

A  Feng Shui Consultation can ensure a harmonious match between an individual and the house.
Interior spaces are audited to assure that each room can be used to its fullest potential. The orientation of the building, the location of entrances, the choice of  Feng Shui Colors influence whether any room provides the environment most conducive to its purpose.  We can analyze these elements in detail.  Receive precise advice for improvement.
How will this "Feng Shui Home" influence your health and prosperity? What very often is believed to be "Feng Shui Luck" / coincidence is actually a logical consequence of the movement of Chi / energy.

Selling a home can be challending. Homes are listed for many month. When showings took place it surprises sellers that they did not receive an offer.  People blamed most are the Realtors. Many sellers switching Realtors hoping that the next one is the one able to sell. Price reductions do not help? A thorough Feng Shui Consultation can determine if the energies are stopping buyers to purchase; energy adjustments can be made.  Find out if a home is good for people and money. Is the home in a "One year money or people lock"? Many aspects can be determined by a Feng Shui Consultant.SOME INSIDES ABOUT "FENG SHUI CONSULTANTS"
You can find a wide variety of "so-called" Feng Shui Professionals on the internet. Many Feng Shui Books have been written but only cause confusion. As Feng Shui has to do with the impact the solar system has on a building and its inhabitants, it is important to know when a building was constructed. Each home has its individual Feng Shui pattern based on the individual floor plan applying the Feng Shui Bagua.  It is all about the environment, time and space. Too many practice what's called "New Age Feng Shui" not considering time and directions rather than using intuitivity.
FENG SHUI AT WORK | STAGING THE FENG SHUI WAYWhen selling a home it is often helpful to stage the house. We can assist you by giving recommendations.Learn which materials and colors to use to create a good "Feng Shui Home".  You will receive a complete Feng Shui Consultation of your listing via E-mail.  Simply fill out a questionnaire, we will contact you with details how you can take advantage of this FREE offer ( for Realtors ONLY ) . 


Please check out our website for further information.  Feng Shui At Work unlike many other practitioners stays true to the subject of Feng Shui.  Feng Shui is about the environment - which means your home or office.  With mathematical calculations we are able to determine what impact the energies of your space have on the people living or working in it.  We at Feng Shui at Work distance ourselves from those Feng Shui advisors and the books written about Feng Shui trying to sell items, books and "feel good" hocuspocus recipes and remedies.  Again, it is about your environment.  It is not about Feng Shui for your website - it is not about Feng Shui and your hair style (believe it or not books cover even that...) it is simply about an individual home or structure built in a certain year with its 15degree compass reading.  It is not what we as Feng Shui Consultants feel - it is and will always be a mathematical calculation.  Our 17 page consultation you receive via the internet will step you through your individual home and office and will help you achieve your goals in life a little easier.     


Feng Shui At Work offers complete Feng Shui Consultations for home and office via the internet using satellite technology us-wide. For more information: http://www.fengshuiatwork.com