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Jason Darrow
Jason Darrow
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NMLS ID 4440
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As a dedicated and experienced mortgage professional, my goal is to assist as many homeowners as possible reach their dream of homeownership.  In addition I help clients save tens of thousands of dollars in refinancing.

 Citizens Bank offers some of the most competitive rates in the mortgage industry;  Contact me today to learn more and to see what I can do for you.

Jason Darrow

Individual NMLS ID # 4440






If you’re looking for refinance information please state the following information for an accurate quote


Rates are based on 5  general factors:   Loan size,  equity,  credit score, property type, and term.


1) What type of loan are you looking for?   30, 20, 15 year fixed? . ___________

2) Would you consider your home a single family residence, condo or townhouse?  ____________

3) What is the estimated value of your home?   _$_________________

 4) What is the estimated balance of your existing mortgage _$___________

5) Do you have a 2nd mortgage or Home equity loan, if so what is the balance $_______________________

6) Are you looking for additional cash on top of the current note? If so, how much?__________________

7) Any idea what your current credit score (FICO) of one or both borrowers?   _____    ______

8) Do you escrow your property taxes and insurance?   ______

9) Please confirm which state your property is located:  _____

10) Please supply Zip Code so that I can calculate your title/tax______





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