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10 reasons to consider Blue Sky Windows!

•1)                  Choice: Blue Sky offers many window choices. We have several of the top window manufactures in the country available.

We can look at multiple price points, styles, colors, grids, and finishes.


•2)                  Value: Blue Sky is locally owned and realizes the value of referral advertising. Our main source of leads comes from satisfied customers. We can price our products to be lower in cost than the national competitors, significantly lower.  We don't have advertising budgets in the millions and the need to look at many projects just to land one. 


•3)                    Quality Installations: Blue Sky installs your windows  carefully, mindful of your home and its contents.  Use drop clothes, we remove your existing windows, storms, and trim as needed. We insulate the window cavity. We seal the window and frame. We carefully replace any trim and leave your home clean as a whistle. We do this in most cases in a single day.


•4)                  Service: We hope you never have a problem , but things happen, when they do,  we will respond quickly. We are located in Chelmsford, Massachusetts and are close enough to assess any problem you may have, repair it on the spot or coordinate any warrantee work that day. Solving any problem quickly and with minimum disruption.


•5)                  Warrantee: In addition to the warrantee offered by the manufacturer, Blue Sky offers a written 10 year warrantee on your windows and any labor required  in the event of a problem. One phone call and your problem is solved. Guaranteed by a company doing business in the Merrimac valley for 25 years.


•6)                  Finance: General electric finance has qualified Blue Sky Windows for their consumer finance program. Low monthly rates just a phone call away. Blue Sky also accepts Visa and Master Card.


•7)                   No high pressure sales: Blue Sky wants your business. If you have survived the sales tactics of some of our competitors, you will realize the "sign the contract tonight" strategy. Blue Sky will discuss your window needs and options. We will present any number of cost options, we will offer you the best value we can with any and all discounts available. We will hold that price for 60 days, letting you decide if we have earned the project. After you sign a contract we offer a 4 day right of rescission printed and dated right on your contract. If you decide to wait or change your mind you will receive a complete refund without any hassle. Ask the other guys if they offer that! 


•8)                  All our products are Energy Star approved. The United States government has set energy standards for the entire country. Any product we install has an New England energy star rating. This entitles you to a federal income tax credit on your 2009 income tax( at this time 2009 is the only year congress has offer this, it may be extended in future years)


•9)                  Safety and Security. Chances are you have not lost a finger installing your storm windows,  it only feels like you lost one. Storm windows are awful. Clean 18 different sides. Slide them into bug and debris filled tracks. Hope you don't break one. (they are old and probably can't be replaced.) Store them and after all that, they look gross. All of our windows are tilt in easy clean and all cleaning can take place from the safety of the inside. Our locks are strong and certain windows offer a 4 inch security lift, allowing fresh breezes through a locked opening. Dual pane glass is not something you would break and try to crawl through.


•10)              Replacement windows are one of the only investments you will make that will have a clear return on your investment. If you have drafty windows you can expect at least a 20% reduction in your fuel consumption(estimated) Take that and multiply that by 25 years( the minimal life expectancy of your purchase) add in what you imagine heating costs will increase by over 25 years. Include the intrinsic value new windows offer your home. And then calculate the 25 years of comfort a sound window will offer. Looking out at our famous nor'easters warm and secure in your own home. The best investment in a long time!




                              All we ask is a chance to show you the Blue Sky Advantage Call today (978) 256- 2252

                                                        or  Visit us on the web:      WWW.Bluesky-windows 


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