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My name is Moe Bedard and my mission is to help people save their home and offer free foreclosure help. I want to provide fair, just and affordable solutions to help consumers through the foreclosure process and lenders perform successful loan modification FAST! One man's answer to America's housing crisis.

Please join our one of a kind homeowner's forum where you can ask questions and get answers in this unique and interactive community that was created to assist people in an anonymous, yet open question format. Meet other homeowners that are going through the same thing and get the help you need from industry experts and foreclosure defense and mortgage law attorneys.

Loan Safe is an online grass roots consumer led community based on the simple premise of “paying it forward”. We help you, you help him, he helps her and so on and so on….. No strings attached ever and no favors needed to be paid back. Just pay it forward to the next person in need of help! protects, strengthens and promotes homeownership by giving American homeowners the tools and help to stop foreclosure on the internet. The Loan Safe Network was formed in response for the need of a safe website/forum to improve communication and foreclosure education amongst homeowners, lenders, non-profit’s and for profits. plans to be national “home loan safe haven” leader on the internet for consumers, creating nationwide solutions and responses to the serious challenges facing homeowners in regards to their homes and loans. You can read more media details on Loan Safe and Moe Bedard by clicking here. Come read what the New York Times, Fox Business, Business Week and many more have to say about Loan Safe and the man behind the website. Advocates….. advocates to protect and strengthen the nonprofit housing counseling sector on the internet by being the central website/forum to exchange ideas and information that will assist everyone in the fight to help people save their homes. By uniting as one we can continually influence laws and regulations that impact our country’s nonprofit sector in the war against foreclosures.  All of’s advocacy work aims to create a website where struggling homeowners can meet, reduce communication problems and enhance their ability to fulfill their missions to save their homes. Our advocacy will include efforts include partnerships with government, business and philanthropy, as well as within the nonprofit and for profit sector itself. Will Strengthen….. Strengthens Americans by uniting homeowners, lenders and non-profits, saving them time, money and their homes. Informs….. informs the public about the latest home saving news and most promising practices so they can work smarter – not harder in the fight to stop foreclosure.  We Connect….. connects non-profit with other non-profits and homeowners in a way that helps everyone profit. Promote Safe Loan Modification Standards….. We believe that the loan modification process can beneficial to both the consumer and lender when it is done for long term affordability. Preserve the American Dream….. Homeownership has and always will be part of the American Dream. We strive to fix loans and keep people in their homes. An outcome that is beneficial to all parties involved. Maintain Communication…… Communication is the #1 most critical activity during the foreclosure process. Loan Safe Solutions bridges the divide between borrowers and servicers by acting as an intermediary and advocate of mitigating loss for all parties involved. We utilize our network of consumer friendly not for profit websites like and to educate and connect consumers with their servicers. To date we have assisted aproximately 200 people in saving their homes for free. Minimize Loss to All Parties….. No one wins in foreclosure. No one wins by playing hard ball. In order to effectively create solutions, all parties need to come to the table with the common goal of mediating damage in the most proficient and cost effective way possible. Whether that be a loan modification, short sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure, it is possible that everyone can come out of the process a winner. Loan Safe is the Real Solution….. Loan Safe provides real solutions for homeowners, lenders, communities and our government!

Moe Bedard is the founder of - America's #1 FREE Foreclosure Help forum for struggling homeowners. Saving homes online since 2007. Featured in the New York Times, LA Times, Fox Business a