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Ronald Cardozo
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 Welcome to the new age of mortgage lending.


Underwriters are asking for more and more supporting documentation. A



I started in the business with Sub Prime loans.  I worked with UC Lending, Fieldstone, CoreWest Bank, and Conti, all of which are now out of business. Most of these lenders were out of business before 2000. 


In May of 2000, my manager of Conti mortgage and myself opened a Net Branch office in Lees Summit.

We started as a branch of 1st Metropolitan Mortgage and had three additional transitions until 09/08.

Premier Mortgage Funding, First National Mortgage Sources, and Envision Lending Group.

Like I said above, in January I started to work with MetLife HomeLoans.  It is a nice change to work for a Lender and to have the products and backbone of a great company.  We do have some great products that put me into a much more competive position, than I have been in the past.


We do offer some great products to help promote cross promotional business.  


Pulaski Bank has been serving the real estate community in Kansas City for over 10 years with in-house underwriting and processing, please let me know if we can help you with any of your buyers.