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We at Realty Five of Defiance believe if we work hard to serve the needs of others, contribute to our community, exceed expectations and provide high quality and valued service we will be rewarded with the knowledge we have made our community and subsequently, our world a better place.

In 1998, while working for a not-for-profit organization and volunteering for a project in Washington state, I had the privilege of working with a couple who were very successful in business but even more successful in giving to others.

Their desire of valuing people, demonstrated by respect, integrity and compassion, inspired me to eventually leave my position and pursue a similar path.  It was this couple who became the entrepreneurial vision for Realty Five of Defiance - a company who believes we are only successful when we excel in serving our customers and our community.  This vision guides us as we strive to make your sale or purchase of real estate a great experience for you here at Realty Five of Defiance.

MissionOur mission at Realty Five of Defiance is to make the world a better place one property at a time.

Philosophy of Business


1.  We choose to give people respect and professionalism.

It is our choice and responsibility to treat all people with the highest degree of honesty, integrity and respect. Our success is not only measured by the accumulation of financial profits but also by the reputation we earn from satisfied customers and the people in the communities we serve.

2.  We choose to provide value with our services.

We will continually strive to give our customers the highest value for their money by offering services that enhance their experience and helps them realize their desired results.

3.  We choose to rely upon the power of teamwork.

We understand the power of teamwork and realize that a higher quality of service for our customers can be accomplished and greater job satisfaction can be realized if we work together. 

4.  We choose to make a difference in our community.

It is our responsibility to care for those in our community who are hurting, broken and in need. Thus, we choose to be givers and we will always give a minimum of 5% of our gross profits away to worthy causes.

5.  We choose to use resources wisely.
We will use technological advances when possible to offer our clients a better experience and will continually strive to be better stewards of global resources.


Social Responsibility- "We Choose to Give" 

Realty Five of Defiance believes we all have the responsibility to be active participants in making our community and our world a better place. We are passionate about being givers which is why giving is a cornerstone of our business philosophy.   That is why when we receive a commission from helping someone either purchase or sell real estate we set aside 5% of that gross commission to be given to the 501c(3) not-for-profit charity of that client's choice. 

With our help, our community will be able to:

Fight Diseases Educate Children Feed the Hungry Provide Housing And much much more

Realty Five of Defiance is a team of real estate agents in Defiance Ohio. You can search for, buy, and sell homes, houses, real estate and property around Defiance, Ohio at www.realtyfive.com.