Government Hill (Anchorage, AK)
By Pauline Hofseth, Daring to Care
(Prudential Jack White/Vista Real Estate)
Three senators (Scott Brown from Massachusetts, Sherrod Brown from Ohio and our very own Lisa Murkowski from Alaska) have proposed a bill that will help shorten the time it takes to complete a short sale.  This will help prevent more American homeowners, including those here in Anchorage, from losing their homes to foreclosure.  In order to sell your Anchorage home in a short sale, you must reach an agreement with your lender where they allow you to sell your home for less than is owed.  This happens when the homeowner is struggling to make their monthly mortgage payment, is facing the possibility of foreclosure and owes more on their home than it is worth, making it difficult to sell it via a traditional home sale. Right now, an Anchorage short sale can take anywhere from four to nine ...
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