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By Roberta Murphy, Carlsbad Real Estate and Homes
(San Diego Previews Real Estate)
When I first entered this newer San Diego luxury home, I was amazed by its wall and ceiling finishes. Walking slowly from room to room, I ran my fingers over the cool burnished walls and the gray stone door arches. Even the ceilings and dome gave the impression that we had indeed been transported to a Venetian villa.Had I not known the responsible artisan for this masterpiece, I would never have guessed an underlying truth: These walls were nothing more than standard drywall that had been transformed by a clever Polish artist who specializes in exquisite surface finishes.Greg Sieminski explains that European artisans have been creating beautiful walls for centuries utilizing limestone plasters softly colored with natural elements. He studied these walls in Mediterranean countries, and w...
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By Roberta Murphy, Carlsbad Real Estate and Homes
(San Diego Previews Real Estate)
Forget the candles and turn out the lights! This surreal bathtub invites meditation, relaxation and wonder. Designer Jan Puylaert with Italy’s imaginative WET Studio has an array of delicious colors for both the Lightbathtubs and sinks with matching faucets and accessories. A visit through their website is a trip to Fantasyland.If not in homes, will we be seeing these in hotels and spas in the near future? I am still searching for price--and a report from someone who has experienced this form of chromatherapy. 
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By Roberta Murphy, Carlsbad Real Estate and Homes
(San Diego Previews Real Estate)
La Jolla, California is a paradise for both the traveller and the resident. Sitting on the prime northern edge of San Diego, La Jolla offers a spectacular coastline with heart-stopping views. Add to the natural beauty a charming village, top-tier shopping, dining and lodging, a top-ranked university (UCSD) and medical school-along with a climate that is arguably the best on earth-and you have The Jewel, or La Jolla, as the Spaniards call it.No doubt, La Jolla real estate is expensive--and luxury buyers from all over the world would like to own here and many do.  With a population hovering around 35,000, there is a strong sense of community pride and connection with the outdoors, which averages a balmy 74 degrees. La Jolla beaches are some of the most lovely in the world and range from t...
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By Gary Giffin
(Real Estate Buy Sell Invest
I have attending many different seminars since I have been in Real Estate and I have to say that Douglass Jennings's Tax Law Seminar is one of the best I have seen.  If you are every in San Diego or La Jolla, CA you need to attend one of his 2-hour seminars. Mr. Jennings is not shy to admit that one of his favorite past times is buying and selling homes, vacant land or condo's in just about any part of the United States. Mr. Jennings has said that he has tried many different investments like stocks, bonds etc...but admits he just copies what most his successful clients do which is to buy more Real Estate. He will tell you one his favorite Real Estate books is "Rich Dad Poor Dad". A favorite line he uses in his seminar is "Swap, Swap until you drop" and explains the importance of knowing...
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By Jeff Dowler, CRS, The Southern California Relocation Dude
(eXp Realty of California, Inc.)
Here are the summary statistics from the MLS for November and December for La Jolla, CA. As you will see, the inventory has dropped off in the last month, and there has been a small drop in prices when one compares December to November 2006. However, like other expensive communities, the statistics fluctuate each month depending on the homes that have sold, since high prices can affect the median, and more so, the average, fairly significantly. Despite these changes, and because of its desirability as a place to live or retire, La Jolla remains one of the most expensive coastal San Diego communities and draws many buyers seeking one of the many ocean view or ocean front homes and estates that are available, albeit at a hefty price.La Jolla is located about 15 minutes north of San Diego ...
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