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By The Legacy Group, The LegacyGroup of CrossCountry Mortgage
(CrossCountry Mortgage)
The benefits of a preapproval (not prequalification) for Silverton Colorado Home Loans. Many consumers are not informed on the proper way for buying a home. No question, this is a big decision, and one that can be either immensely stressful- or immensely enjoyable- depending on how you go about the home buying process of Silverton Colorado Home Loans and the surrounding areas. The key is to take the proper steps to educate yourself on your buying power, initial investment, and taking some time to think about your lifestyle choices. This article will cover all of these.   Education   The steps necessary to purchasing a home in Silverton, Colorado starts with getting pre-approved for your home loan. Notice we did not say get prequalified- in today’s world a prequalification is not meaning...
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By The Legacy Group, The LegacyGroup of CrossCountry Mortgage
(CrossCountry Mortgage)
Special Government Home Renovation Loan Program using FHA 203k Rehab Loans in Silverton Colorado.Many people are not aware of a special government loan program that is part of the Federal Housing Administration or FHA (a department within HUD). A buyer or existing home owner can do meaningful amounts of remodeling or updates to their existing home without having a higher cost second lien thanks to this special FHA loan program.However, this loan program doesn't allow for "luxury items" in your home such as a swimming pool, hot tub, or other accessories. Although, you can repaint, replace flooring and appliances, add a room to an existing structure (which can add to value tremendously as you increase the square feet of your home) as well as remodel cabinetry in kitchens and bathrooms.Thi...
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By Ralph Janisch ABR CRS Broker, Selling Northwest Houston to good people like you!
(Janisch & Co.)
Most people will agree that having shoes is desireable,  this is specially true in cold weather.   We were blessed with a visit from one of our sons and grandsons right after Chistmas.  As it happened, we had work to do in Silverton.  Our son had been there on a previous visit and thought it would be cool to show it to his son.   After a hearty breakfast at  "Oscars" we departed for a beautiful  drive. Some of the most spectacular vistas imaginable are on that stretch of Hwy 550'.  Perfect for entertaining a nine year old!  Entertains older folk too!   When we arrived at the property we were to inspect, it was surrounded by snow drifts.  I took one look at the lack of possible paths and elected to stay in the car.   Ralph went about his inspection and son and grandson began to frolic in...
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By Joni Bailey, Your Huntsville / Lake Livingston Area REALTOR®
(101 Main St. Realty)
Here’s a few highlights from Colorado. A few flowers for Roy Kelly! ☺ There are waterfalls GALORE in  Colorado. I am going to post the others on This one was shot between Ouray and Silverton. Right off of the main highway. GORGEOUS!   We enjoyed a beautiful sunset on top of Kendell Mountain. We toured the Old Hundred Mine with our friends James and Kay High. ♥ Actually, we toured a second mine, but I'm not sure that we were supposed to. Oh well... we survived! ☺   This was up a trail called Kite Lake. This was my absolute favorite ride as there was something interesting to see at every turn... and the lake at the end was spectacular.  Stay tuned for some Utah Highlights. Coming Soon. ☺ 
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I loved Westerns when I was a kid.  Towns like Durango, Cheyenne, and Denver always held an allure and fascination for me.  What I didn't realize at the time was that many of those trains in my beloved westerns were filmed using the Silverton-Durango Narrow Gauge Railroad. I have discussed how gold and silver was carried out of towns like Leadville, CO on stagecoaches.  But that was only the first leg, the Narrow Gauge Railroad wasused for a majority of the trip and was a practical solution for carrying freight as well as passengers.  Today, driving to Durango can take you 7-9 hours.  The Silverton-Durango Narrow Gauge Railroad line only takes 3.5 hours as it snakes through the San Juan mountains on a scenic route at approximately 18 miles per hour.                                      ...
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