Dilley Ranch (Westcliffe, CO)
By Dena Stevens, Putting The Real Into Realtor Since 2004
(Rocky Mountain Realty )
Colorado has an average of 333 days of sunshine every year. Our climate is ideal for anybody who is interested in either passive or active solar in their home. This house is in Dilley Ranch in Westcliffe Colorado not far from Rosita. Notice how the house is at the base of the mountain. The house is bermed into the mountain.    Bermed into the mountain side to help control temperature extremes. This picture is the retaining wall and the roof meeting at the back of the house / berm. The entire house has stained concrete floors for thermal  or solar mass. Concrete holds heat and releases it slowly. So in the winter when the sun in low the floors absorb the heat and help keep the house at a consistant temp.    Oriented to the south for solar gain in the winter and comfort in the summer. Tod...
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