Ft Stewart (Hinesville, GA)
By Janie Diggs, ABR, ASR, GRI
(Realty Executives Liberty)
CNN broadcasted a news release last night about Hinesville, Georgia that was completely out of context and cruel to our community.  I am enraged at the lack of real research done on the story and the completely false insinuation of Hinesville's support of General Cuculo III and our honored Troops of 3rd ID. To make it seem like our community was attacking leadership on Fort Stewart was disappointing to me.  If CNN needs negative news, stick with the Health Plan saga and things that really need your help. Stop Lying and hurting communities that are striving to live, prosper, and succeed. Interviews were twisted and good, hard working, reputable people are embarrassed about the spin that CNN reported. Hinesville is a growing city that is building as we speak in several areas.  Any person ...
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