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By David Bailey and Erika Bailey, "Creating Clients for Life" Cell # 631-589 3600
(The Mortgage Outlet NMLS # 36861)
THE MORTGAGE OUTLET has noticed that many first time home buyers come to me confused by the various First Time Home Buyers loans in North Bellmore New York, that are available to them for financing their first home.  This is just the tip of the ice berg as there is so much industry-specific terminology to learn and understand that the home buying process can be very intimidating to most new comers. Find out the 7 things you should not do when applying for a home loan  I will try to explain in this article the most common First Time Home Buyers Loans in North Bellmore New York so that you might better understand the options and requirements more clearly.  As always I am available as a reference if you have more specific questions about how these specific programs might get you your new h...
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By Kenneth M Rossman, FL Certified General Real Estate Appraiser #RZ3504
(Appraiser, Ken Rossman)
  Real Estate Appraiser Appraisals North Bellmore NY I offer a somewhat short desktop (but still comprehensive) form type report which represents a significant cost savings over traditional narrative and even typical residential form reports, while essentially providing the same level of research, analysis and valuation methodology - presented in a logical, easy to understand format.  It is primarily targeted for non- (mortgage) lender type Real Estate Appraiser Appraisals North Bellmore NY assignments.  This format could ultimately save you quite a bit of money, while providing essentially the same level of usable information necessary to help you make an informed decisions. My Format is suitable for many, if not most purposes (intended uses):  - to estimate (fair) market value or (fai...
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