Fishers Landing (Camas, WA)
By Debb Janes, Put My Love of Nature At Work for You
(Nature As Neighbors)
Quarry Blasts Open for Future Development     Portland developer, Weston Investment, has submitted plans for a multi-use development in a former quarry located between Vancouver and Camas WA.  The 84-acre site along the Columbia River offers the opportunity for retail, office, single-family and multi-family development on a magnificent bluff overlooking the river. Appropriately named the Riverview Gateway, the developer has described it as the “front door to East Vancouver and Camas” – with 192nd Ave. as the entrance. Recent developments have seen a major growth spurt along the 192nd corridor, which features new retail and offices alongside established neighborhoods, parks and schools.  The further expansion nearby of Fisher Investments has helped distinguish it as the "gateway to growt...
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