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By Chuck Marunde, Sequim Real Estate Broker
(Sequim & Port Angeles Real Estate)
La Push Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Olympic Peninsula. For those fans of the movie Twilight, you'll recognize La Push Beach as one of the scenes in the teenage vampire love story. La Push is about a hour and a half drive from Sequim, but what a great way to spend a weekend afternoon on a sunny day. I took my 14 year old daughter and two of her friends and we picnicked on the beach and explored all afternoon. I highly recommend this trip.
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By Patricia Adams-Kain
(Forks Avenue Real Estate)
The little town of Forks is going to be visited by an unfathomable number of motorcyle riders next weekend.  I am not sure if our town is ready but here they come ready or not.  Every inch of extra space has been acquired for camping space and for a little sleepy town who hosts a few hundred people on the 4th of July festivities we are being told we will have over 5,000 to 9,000 folks coming here to enjoy the loopy roads around Forks.  The run scheduled for Saturday is to go up to Neah Bay and back through Clallam Bay and Sekiu as I understand. Hopefully they have been warned also. The logistics behind this many people is pretty mind bogeling.  Our promoters and the towns events co-ordinator have done a splendid job of getting ready.  I am pretty certain there is not an extra port-a-pot...
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By Patricia Adams-Kain
(Forks Avenue Real Estate)
Thank you to all the friendly people who responded to my first blog.  I can see where this can get catching.  I thought tonight I would talk a little about the wonderful town where I live and sell real estate. Forks is located on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula in the state of Washington just 13 miles from the Pacific Ocean.  We have several rivers running through the area where steelhead, salmon and trout fishing are at it's finest.  The Hoh, Quillayute, Sol Duc and Bogachiel Rivers are all prime fishing spots.  Forks has numerous first class hiking, mountain biking, and ATV trails.  Hundreds of miles of wild coastline are to be enjoyed here.  For outdoor activities, this is the place. The Cape Flattery Trail leads to the most northwestern point in the contiguous USA.  If you come at t...
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By Ben Kinney, We do real estate:Tech, Training, Sales, Brokerage
(Ben Kinney Team)
While fishing the Sol Duc River this year I ran across this little beauty.  A winter run steelhead caught on a rainy wet day.  It was one of 7 steelhead caught that cold day with my friend Jack Decook.  There really is really nothing better then catching and then releasing a beautifull steelhead unharmed.  For those of you who don't know much about the native steelhead it is the largest species of trout.  Many assume that the steelhead is a salmon species in error.  Like the Salmon, a steelhead minows are born in the rivers and they spend most of their lives in the oceans and then they return every 2-4 years to spawn in the same river where they were born.  Funny I can't even remember where I put my keys most mornings and the steelhead can swim to Japan and Alaska back to Washington Sta...
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