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  Federal Housing Administration is raising premiums and taking other measures in order to bolster its capital reserves and reduce its exposure to risky loans. Government-insured mortgages are about to get more expensive. The Federal Housing Administration, which is the largest insurer of low-dow...
  The sudden rise in interest rates to nine-month highs doesn't yet signal a turn, but that could change if Congress resolves the fiscal crisis hanging over the markets. With stocks hitting multi-year highs and economic data surprising to the upside, investors have been selling Treasurys — which...
Agents, I just got approval to offer the $15,000 DP assistance program through Amerifirst Financial. Please let me know if I can be of service. 480-705-0199
I thought this was a great article about the top 50 things to do/see in Arizona and just wanted to share. CUINAZ!
Lets Hope Not.. Several government agencies are reviewing data to determine what will be the minimum down payment required under the new Qualified Residential Mortgage (QRM) guidelines scheduled to be revealed in the next few months. In the original Mortgage Market Note issued by the FHFA, it was...
Anxious for interest rates to rise in 2013? Take a chill pill. The low rates of the past few years -- which have warmed the hearts of mortgage applicants but been cold comfort to savers -- are unlikely to budge soon. For that, thank (or blame) the Federal Reserve. To spark growth, the Fed is aim...
When the Treasury issued the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) in October 2008, it designated $45.6 billion for mortgage-related programs.However, a little more than four years later, when a few of the non-mortgage TARP programs have drawn to a close, more than $40 billion in mortgage relief r...
I have been getting inundated with questions about all the new regulations and cross checks for loan applicants and if they are really necessary. My simple answer is YES and let me give you one example as to why.   A few years back one of my loan officers took in a deal as a referral. It seemed s...
In further signs of a U.S. housing market recovery, home prices are up - meaning a whopping 33% fewer homeowners are underwater. When the U.S. housing market bottomed out in 2008, nearly one in six homeowners owed more on mortgages than their homes were worth. That translated to 12 million under...
Mortgage rates improved moderately to begin the week, bringing most lenders back to levels not seen since January 2nd or before.  Following the Fiscal Cliff "mini-deal," FOMC Minutes, and Employment Report two weeks ago, rates rose at to their highest levels since before the Fed announced its mo...

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