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In a recession, more mature, financially strong, middle and upper management people lose their jobs and can't, or don't want to, find a new JOB! Many of these astute people take this opportunity to search for the business of their dreams to become there own Boss to leave the rate race of making m...
Commercial Mortgage borrowers come in all levels of expertise from expert to novice. However, the successful borrowers have one thing in common.  Successful commercial borrowers understand that owning commercial real estate is a "business" and any loan against a commercial property is a "business...
Commercial Lenders do have money to lend and still need to buy loans. However in this post Sub Prime era, Lenders have a "back to reality" mentality.Direct Commercial Lenders still want good loans and will gladly fund loans that meet historic standards! Most of the "investors" that market to comm...
The old pros, who have been through inevitable peaks and valleys of mortgage origination, know how to prosper in both good and not so good markets. However, the new pros, who have only practiced in the new Millennium, may find the following useful. Any originator worth his/her salt has boat load ...

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