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FHA announces new appraisal requirements this week.  Borrowers will have to have two appraisals if they meet the following criteria’s:   The loan amount, excluding the upfront mortgage insurance premium, will exceed $417,000, and The LTV excluding upfront MIP, equals or exceeds 95%, and The prop...
This week my father Lance my step-mom Sandy, my son Dillon and my niece Avalon are in D.C.  My father has not been to D.C. since he got home from Viet Nam and was really looking forward to this trip and getting a tour of the White House.  My father is a very quite man who does not talk about Viet...
FHA and the buy down   If you know that you are only going to be in the house for a few years, or you know that in a few years your income is going to go up FHA has a loan for you.   In a nut shell the first year you will have a low rate, the second year the rate will go up one point, and the th...
FHA and the new loan limits hit Ventura County, but with the good intentions of our government, there are some hick-ups.  The powers that be deemed it that we should have a loan limit of $729,000; they did not give any other directions.  So the first few weeks of this new FHA limits there were s...
Beth Bastian | Exit Family Realty | 805-857-0484 4041 Valley Fair Street, Simi Valley, CA This Simi Valley home offers two brand new bathrooms, a pool and plenty of room for RV and boats!! 3 Bdrm Single Family House offered at $430,000 Year Built 1961 Sq Footage 1,220 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 1 full...
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Simi Valley is a town with approximately 36k homes, we are an hour north/west of Los Angeles.  I thought it would be interesting to show you are current sold numbers, and I wonder what your sold numbers are.    Sept 01-24 2005    131 homes sold Sept 01-24 2006    101 homes sold Sept 01-24 2007  ...
This weekend a fellow Active Rainer Inga Czech and I are walking in the Avon Breast Cancer Walk, we will be walking 39.3 miles over two days, in order to due this we each had to raise $1800...and we just made it.  So come and check out website CATTS.   If you find yourself in Long Beach Californi...
Admitting you made a mistake is the first step. Or at least that is what we all have been told.  This morning Ben Bernanke spoke, and something wonderful happened, he finally said what we all see is going on.  Ben stated that “credit markets could dampen future economic activity” remember he use...
    Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand-This is a must read for every high school graduate.  It is worth the 1400+ pages     Hitch Hikers guild to the galaxy by Douglas Adams Funniest book every written....ever   Angels and Demons- Dan Brown This book scared they hell out of me...they went after the Vati...

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