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            His name was Mike, and he worked for C21.  When I was six years old he sold my mother a house.  I really do not remember this event, I do remember for years we would see Mike.  I my young mind Mike was the only Realtor in my small town; he was the one who brought me pumpkins and flag...
            While spring cleaning today, I was going though my bookshelf.  I came across my self-help section, and I had a chuckle I picked you a DISK profile book and wondered how did I live before I read that one?  Then there was the Rich Dad books the Wade Cooks stuff, I have not ever looked ...
I had a client that moved to So Cal from Chicago, I have never been to Chicago, and they have not been to So Cal.  So in the process of showing homes, and getting to know one another, I asked about living in the snow.  When you live in So. Cal, and you go to the mountains for skiing you might ne...
Get out there and meet people!!!   As a broker owner, I get nervous when my office is full of agents.  The way I see it, and agent can not sell a house from there desk.  So we often instruct our new agents to get out and meet people, and I do not mean your local chamber of commerce.    What are ...
Ladies this is for you!!!   When was the last time you did anything for you?  Something that was healthy, fun and just for you?  If you are anything like me, the answer would be, do something just for me?  With the kids and the real estate and the husband who has time to do something just for me...
Today our industry changed.  I will be able to say March 5, 2007 real estate stopped as we know it, and evolved.  As some of you know I am a Hybrid Agent.  That means I sell real estate and mortgages.  What I am talking about is the changes in the mortgage world.  It might be an exaggeration to ...
              One of our Loan Officers made a mistake.  About six months ago he broke up with his long term girl friend, he was not sure if he was ready for marriage and he was confused.  Last month he told me he made a mistake and that he wanted to get back with her, but he was moving and makin...
As most Broker Owners of Exit Realty we opened our Exit as a unknown name.  Nobody in our area had ever heard of Exit, one year later everybody know our name but they still do not know what we are about.  At Exit we put the Agent first, with the best training no desk fees and residuals.  So if yo...

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