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Ok, ok...I've been really busy. Plus with some recent unpleasantness with a fellow member I decided to just focus on my work (of which there was more than enough!) and take a break from AR. Anyway, a while back I jauntily challenged Cheryl to actually post a picture of herself. Well, she called ...
I'm getting way behind here on AR. I admit it. I'm simply too busy. Nice problem to have but it is becoming a serious issue actually (I need to write a blog about what to do when you get too much business all at once). Whew! Here are some images from recent shoots. I thought I'd switch things up...
I don't have a lot of time these days (sunny weather = my busy season). However I wanted to at least scribble this blog out even if it comes out half baked. I trust my audience will forebear. ;)  By way of introduction (for those of you who I haven't had the pleasure of bumping into) I'm profess...
Wow, to say I've been busy this week would be putting it mildy (this is the first time I've even fired up AR). A few of the highlights from real estate shoots. :) Cheers, -B   Seattle-Photographer
I just received some really exciting news (well, earlier today but I've got the bug going around so I've been sleepin'). John L. Scott Quality Street Magazine has selected my work for the front cover of their quarterly publication! Woohoo! :) However, if that wasn't good enough, my client (Thurt...
I'm swamped with work this week so I am going to post up early. The below photos are from just one job, a wedding I shot this weekend. What makes this unusual is the following: I'm not a wedding photographer. I maintain this by telling people to use other, better photographers that specialize in...
Ok, you have your spy decoder ring ready? Good, here's the scoop: There have been several blogs recently about people 'borrowing' content from others. Generally these blogs are concise, articulate, and are predicated upon an ethical stance. They stress the importance of an individuals right to p...
Have you stopped by the Photography Group lately? Something amazing is happening. The the whole dang photography group has blossomed, we've near swamped ourselves with content rich articles!  We now have so many blogs dedicated to building the skills of our fellow AR members that we no longer kn...
I have a plan. Actually, let's call it a scheme. That's more exciting sounding. Kind of dangerous. I've been awfully busy this week with shooting, I need a little AR time. :) My plan is to post up a few of the given week's images. My favorites from work and from the personal world (or the intere...
Ok, I've finally flipped. Call the men in white coats. Powder up some Thorazine. Turn on the day time TV.  A while back I wrote a blog on the necessity of failure, it has to do with the fact that things go wrong sometimes and that difficult as it may be, we can take away a lot of learning from t...

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