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Throughout the years I've spent in Real Estate I would have to say the majority of closings I've attended have been very positive moments. Buyers and Sellers meet, exchange greetings, sellers give keys to the buyers and helpful information about the property that is being purchased is shared. Aga...
I have a very good friend from Hawaii who is in banking. I know many of my readers won't believe it, but my friend tells me that he actually gets excited about numbers, computing them and looking at them for eight to ten hours a day. He claims he doesn't get bored doing this. Furthermore, he work...
I had a very interesting experience some time ago when accompanying my Buyers on their Home Inspection. In fact, this particular deal (for reasons I won't go into) had caused my Buyers to wait longer than usual for their Home Inspection and now soon to be closing. They were very, very excited abo...

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This blog is written for Buyers and Sellers about the subject of Real Estate. The information is presented in a simple and informative format so that whenever readers have a Real Estate transaction, they will feel more adequately prepared.