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God is good! I would like to share with you that 2009 was a very poor year for Real Estate and the Mortgage Industry.  I was especially memorable year for me I lost my Mom last year at the beginning of the year.  I was not as focused as I normally am but that was not all of it.  The market really...
We are all hopeful to see some good news after all the tough news in the past couple of weeks.  I know that doesn't mean much to you but let me explain the program and maybe it can change your mind!  Here are the requirements: No Minimum Loan Score (Great start) 105 LTV (Loan amount compared to v...
I have many Realtors and Clients alike ask me to give them the reqirements for applying for Down Payment Assistance.  Now remember that not all Down Payment Assistance Programs require the same things.   That being said I will give you a short check list for you to go off of. ____  Most recent 3 ...
What should I do first?  I am not sure which road to chose from?  Do you ask yourself this question?  It may seem that the Purchase of a Home is getting more and more difficult now that FHA is making some major changes to its required funds for closing it's even more important than ever to know ...

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