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Only a decade ago, we faced a severe economic collapse during which most businesses suffered. Perhaps none were hit harder than those in real estate. If you were selling real estate back in 2009, then you know exactly was real estate professionals we facing.Thankfully, the market has been hot for...
As the world of real estate grows more and more competitive and progressively moves towards technology, some realtors run the risk of falling behind while others rise to the upper echelons. Find out how you can be in the latter category with the possibility of eXp Realty! The Opportunity to GrowW...
Being a realtor has many benefits. You have the opportunity to befriend amazing people, frequent incredible landscapes and pieces of architecture, and even help dreams come true. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, though.Unfortunately, there have been numerous occasions where agents have been at...
Technology presents significant challenges to brokerages, but also provides ample opportunities. In fact,  the very developments that threaten the survival of traditional real estate brokerages could be the industry’s savior if embraced and used correctly.So, how can real estate brokerages stay a...
Self-betterment goes hand-in-hand with improved job performance, and these books are here to help you accomplish both! If you’re a real estate professional looking to climb the metaphorical ladder to success, you need to add these texts to your library and expand your mindset! Results Faster – To...
With the rise of technology, not only do realtors have their work cut out to stay relevant, but they also must deal with new technology-driven competitors. In fact, it’s not unusual to lose listings to new iBuyer digital platforms.Sites like Zillow, Opendoor, Offerpad, and others are using techno...
While the crash of 2008 put the fragility and uncertainty of the future on full display, it also spurred positive action by forcing real estate brokerages to begin adapting their outdated models to a technology-driven world. Through this evolution of necessity, the need to position brokerages for...

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