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Everyone knows that these days, anything requiring credit is much more difficult to obtain than it was in the past, but now it seems that even when trying to correct your credit report, people are being penalized.  It seems that a very obscure policy from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are not only l...
This press release went out today. It outlines a litle bit about the TDRI. This should get some of your clients a speedy settlement, so that they can move on to that home that they deserve. Also check out CRE Credit Services "Circle of Restoration". Credit restoration can take 6 months or less. I...
   Sooooooo, I usually don't do this; especially not on an open forum like this...but I have to get this off my chest. Why don't some of the people in our business want to make more money????? I'm a National Credit Consultant for RMCN Credit Services, Inc.; but in reality Im a Business Broker.  I...
Identity Theft is alive and well!! I have seen countless credit reports lately with fraud and identity theft written all over them. It starts when a client goes to buy a new car or apply for a line of credit. All of the sudden they are declined for the first time in their life and they have no id...
   I know that these days, the wonderful journalists who like to bring us the daily news like to push the limit on the truth and exaggeration. We have all adapted to that, its the world that we live in I guess. I mean just look how much attention a pop star who shaved her head and went crazy got!...
So I was watching TV last night, when a story about decreasing home sales, car sales and various other big ticket items were declining. Well of course they are is what I was thinking. The buying power of clients is going down as the cost of things are going up. Worse yet, most potential clients' ...

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