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Anyone Can Have a Guard Dog.  They are easy to find.  They growl, they bark, they scratch at the door, and somehow they manage to scare away would-be prowlers.However, most folks are not as lucky as I am.  I have a Guard Cat !Her name is Mollie.  Mollie T. Cat.  She can be found at most hours of ...
I have been thinking about getting a MAC computer for quite a while.  I've watched all those silly commercials with the "PC GUY" on the left of your TV screen, and the "MAC Guy" on the right.  Of course, those commercials always play up how great a MAC is, and how woefully inefficient a PC is.  I...
I Had a Very Interesting Experience Yesterday.  I was sitting in Borders in Colleyville, Texas.  I was blogging my little heart out... answering some comments made to a few of my posts... and workig on three new blog posts I hope to submit sometime this week.I had "set up shop" at one of the tabl...
There's a New Secret in Euless.  There's a New Neighborhood of Brand New Homes... and Almost Nobody Knows it's There !  But... Karen Anne Stone knows it's there.  Karen Anne is your very own New Home Hunter in Tarrant County. This New Home Neighborhood is going to be very secluded.  Kind of hidde...
Hidden Away in Euless... just across from Wilshire Elementary School... is the entrance to Wilshire Park.  It's pretty well hidden, so you've really got to look for the "sign"... which is the large rock pictured below. Kynette Street is on the North Side of Wilshire Elementary, and that's where y...
Hidden Away in Euless, Just South off Highway 10, is Raven's Grille and Conference Center.  It is so well hidden away that I lived in Euless for two years before a neighbor invited me to lunch there.  What a nice surprise !  Pictured below is the Huge Raven's Grille Rock... at the Grille entrance...
Several Years Ago I received a call from a woman who wanted to talk about selling her home.  Her name was Valerie.  We chatted for awhile on the phone, and then we set aside a time to get together.When I visited her home, I didn't find a "house"... I found an immaculately taken-care-of "home."  T...
Open Sunday Nov 25th - $147,990... This Home Has Such Great Curb Appeal... the Neighbors Across the Street Will Love You !  The first thing that strikes you is the Triple-Bay-Window on the front of the home.  This gorgeous feature is seldom seen in homes for this price.                           ...
When Looking For a New Home in Euless, Texas, homebuyers quickly find that there isn't much to choose from.  There is so little land left in Euless, that even if a builder finds vacant land to build on, the prices of the homes are often out of reach of many new home buyers.To Remedy that Problem,...
It is such a nice luxury to have so many offices.  Most Realtors only have one office.  Some Realtors who belong to multi-office companies sometimes have several offices they can meet clients at.Luckily... I have many "offices" I can use.  Room to meet my clients... often in somewhat of a private...

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The Real Estate Market in Fort Worth and Tarrant County offers such a great value to both "first time" and "move up" buyers. Karen Anne's blog gives you up-to-date market news, and features many of the great homes available at great prices !