Where did January go?  We've knocked one month off the 2014 calendar and continue to fill the Rain Bucket with editorial love.  ActiveRain University has written a post on best practices and Kris even started a media team for those interested in spreading their name and expanding their reach. Let...
My awesome nephew Alex and his best friend Lou.
What an exciting weekend we have upon us.  All of here at AR HQ's are decked out in blue in anticipation of the Seahawks game on Sunday.  There's just something about a city's spark when one of their sports teams is making it happen. A sense of community and pride shine from windows, cars, conver...
Week 2 of the New Year and the Rain Bucket continues to fill up with success.  If you didn't catch the Rain Bucket last week, I announced a new weekly series where I'll be highlighting a few of the successes in the 'Rain.     AR is using multiple sources to find quality content to syndicate to ot...
Test hey charlie testing out the reblog blah blah blah squirrels ruleTest hey charlie testing out the reblog blah blah blah squirrels rule with the paragrahp in there  Anyone that knows me, I mean really knows me, knows that I have been involved with the green movement since way before there was ...
The December’s Cloudburst challenged you to give back and/or pay it forward.  All you had to do was brighten someone’s day and boy did you ever!  Our biggest participation for a Cloudburst yet with almost 300 members participating.  Going through the entries was a gift in itself.  The ActiveRain ...
The Rain Bucket is a new series which will highlight random successes in the 'Rain.  Each week our bucket fills with exciting tales of editorial pickups, success stories, top clicks and other fantastic tidbits to share.  There are so many reasons you blog here on ActiveRain and the Rain Bucket wi...

Kerrie La Guardia

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