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  Hey guys,,I thinks its all going to work out... I am the featured neighbor for my area,YES I AM THE KING, but I won't retain it because I won't buy it..I have learned to write posts with titles and content that get found in search engines..and I also write posts as good therapy for me. In fact,...
  Wow...the liquidity crisis has created more deals and steals than you can shake a stick at. I opened my email early this morning to yet another PAGE of bank portfolio packages that have dropped their cash price since just last month. Condos, houses, office buildings, strip centers, motels...If...
    Lake County Fl is a growing community. The City of Leesburg is where I live, but I work all over this county and the surrounding counties. After years of being a sleepy little communty,the world found us and suddenly nice little developments sprung up in all directions. Like the rest of the ...
  On a Saturday morning, I am reading the paper in my small town of Leesburg Fl. Its a bit cloudy outside, and the squirrels are running about preparing for the coming rainfall. Its a small town compared to our neighbors, Orlando to the East and Ocala to the North. It nice to know that there are...
  Hello...what is going on in the mortgage world. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are publically traded stock companies. What kind of reasoning is taking these stocks lower and lower?? Speculation is creating a run on the bank so to speak. When Wall Street puts a target on your stock, the market make...
Recently I was asked for my opinion about some condos going for less than half of what they were going for a year ago..I do not know the area, but condos on the beach for 177,000 seems very cheap..There are always factors to consider though, and things like HOA dues and taxes still reflecting a ...
  A week or so back I read a post by one of my favorite AR Alumni, ol Jason Sardi. It is a bit over the top, even for me, but I give him credit for putting it all on the line. Or at least drawing a line and stating  THIS IS WHERE I STAND, LIKE IT OR NOT   The name of his Post was " If your mind ...
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  While California burns and the Mid/Central States flood, we here in Fla are having a blast. Home prices are down an average of 25% according to the figures released this week. So, with such an obvious sale, I thought I might clear my calendar for the rush of calls that would shirley be coming i...
    Hello All you Rainers. There was a time when I thought I knew the answer to this question. But now I am not so sure.   If you are an experienced agent, would you take a small salary and a reduced commission. Now I am saying salary, not draw. Would you like a much larger commission and then p...

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