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  This week the papers and media in general are alive with stories of failure and losses. The stock market is jumping around and gas prices are rising. Housing in general is continuing its slow downward spiral and Detroit is laying off more workers in their SUV plants. Its not a rosy picture, is...
  Going for the big guys.You know, the ones that when caught, dance on top of the water fighting you every inch of the way back to the boat. Those who know, know. Its not easy bringing in the big ones As a guy who fishes, I think about how important it is to understand what we are fishing for. If...
  In three days it will be exactly 22 years since I met my wife. A few weeks back we celebrated our 5th year of marriage with a weekend at the beach. Twenty two years and three days ago I was a single dad with four sons. In the movies, this situation is easily remiedied by the perfect person com...
  I guess its my turn to be unpopular again..But I do try so hard to be consistant. I found a featured post by    Teri Ellis, a vey nice & proffessional person, and read it with a sense of disbelief. Having worked in this field now since 1992, I too have seen many changes in the market  .file:///...
  Lately I have had the pleasure  of meeting a lot of people. Some of these people were from Active Rain, and I am glad to be a part of such a great forum. We can reach out and tough people that we would not normally be able to meet, I believe this increases our visibility beyond our wildest drea...
    Another week here in Central Fla means there is another ten or more great deals that Developers Capital Realty has to offer. No kidding, deals are now coming to us in bundles of properties..Some are almost buy one get one free. The housing crisis has put so much pressure on the builders, the ...
    Now, where is this post going? I have to admit, my subject line in many of my emails tends to show some age.. It normally looks something like this >>>  RE Re RE RE RE RE RE RE RE RE:  Christmas Party Directions... I am guilty of replying to a reply and just doing it again and again...At some...
  Today I finished the week with dealing with a counter offer on a warehouse we are bidding on for an investor. Yes its a distress situation, and the owner in first position wishes to sell out fast for nearly 30% below present value.... SURPRISE!!!!  The counter from the seller is that we can off...
*************************************************** Update.....Due to the responce on this post,  have contacted our local board and told them I will be forwarding  these replys on for their consideration. Comments with solutions would be appreciated..Thanks *************************************...
I have been reading more lately on Active Rain. I have been amazed at how much banter there is about points, gold stars, signing petitions. I ran across a post by Bob Mitchell about getting featured on Ative Rain. Many of you know I wear my heart on my sleeve. I have opinions, they are mine. Act...

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