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             It’s a guiding principal among Realtors that superior   landscaping adds value to any housing for sale. In Maryland, different studies arrive at differing answers for how great that incremental increase actually is, but most agree that it lies somewhere in a range between 5% and 14%...
List your home with me and get a professional stager for free! I'm so confident that the home staging process works that I offer a FREE home staging consultation with every new listing. Yes, you will meet a professional Staging artist as part of my marketing plan. Each client will get a free one ...
According to statistics from RealtyTrac, the outfit that keeps the stats nationally, the rate of foreclosure activity is tailing off. Their mid-October report shows how a precipitous drop in September helped bring the foreclosure number to the lowest level since the fourth quarter of 2007. In oth...
Lately you may have noticed that it has become more of a pleasure to open the newspaper when you are checking up on real estate news. In addition to the Internet news feeds, I do still subscribe to some of the old-fashioned kind, too: the ones printed on actual paper (so you can tear interesting...
When you want to sell your house, you want it to bring in top dollar. That means you want to find a Realtor® in Washington County who has the characteristics of a top performer. He or she may or may not have last month’s highest sales volume, may or may not have page after page of onscreen MLS l...
The other day I was with a client -- together we were going over some of our Hagerstown listings. She had emailed me a few possibilities that had caught her eye, and from that I had earmarked some others that shared features with her original picks. We take it for granted at this point, but digit...
 Rare is the Hagerstown property owner who doesn’t remember at least one budget-busting maintenance emergency. It may have been a roof problem; perhaps a plumbing or electrical mishap…whatever the cause, unforeseen cratering of the household bank account can furrow brows and send blood pressures ...
Traditionally, new buyers take their first homeowner's plunge with what is termed a “starter home” – confining their Hagerstown home search to relatively inexpensive and modestly sized properties. Today a shift is underway. Many prospective buyers are finding the traditional starter home is no lo...
Everyone brings their own priorities to the table when checking out the Hagerstown homes for sale. Some folks drive street-by-street through their favored neighborhoods, eliminating or accepting through that first curb-appeal impression. Others trawl through the web listings, prioritizing by pric...
Smart Local Sellers Give Appliances a Starring Role Success in selling Hagerstown homes can depend on being able to distinguish what is important to buyers from what is not. Proactive homeowners know that one room usually gets more attention than does any other: the kitchen. There are many good ...

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