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Just a few words of encouragement from one who has recently been there.  This business requires much attention at various hours of the day.  I have been, not so gently, reminded that I have a family and they require much attention at various hours also.  I have always been a "model" dad, but I sh...
With short-sales being the fad for now, I think that it is important for us to be able to look outside of the box to keep things moving.  I am dealing with groups that have financing models, people wanting owner financing, owners that don't mind financing with the right amount down.  I'd like to ...
Sorry it took so long to get in the mood... My Monday started out with some difficulty, or a difficult opportunity for me to test my patience.  I handled it, it's resolved and I feel good now.  I hope that you all have a good week and find opportunities and not problems. 
It's another Friday!  Yahoo!!  Seriously, I hope that everyone had a great week and you have a safe and blessed weekend.  Remember that you "can achieve what your mind can conceive."  Keep positive thoughts, positive friends, ask for blessings, expect blessings, and be grateful.  Stay safe.
It's that time of year when the Beach starts booming.  If any of you get to come down for a vacation and want to tour the area, give me a shout.  When they finish the new International Airport, I anticipate seeing several of you that will be able to fly in from areas that didn't service Panama Ci...
If anyone has contacts with reputable Canadian brokers/agents, please refer them to me.  Our market is very interesting to our neighbors from the north and I'd like to link up with a few of them for referrals and a little profit-sharing:)  If you do know of someone, have them to email me at rherr...
I'm talking about potential customers.  Today I met a billionaire in a ditch beside Hwy. 231 South in Campbelton, Florida.  His hands were a little rough from working around his huge property.  He looked pretty much like a farmer.  I knew that I was meeting him, and had I not, he would've had to ...

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