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With the economy being the way it is, foreclosure is an all time high. This is not new, we all know that. Many home owners facing foreclosure will decide the best solution for them is to sell their homes.. But many home owners will make the mistake of not even considering hiring a home stager. Wh...
About a year ago, my husband and I decide to purchase a second home. We though we would do a foreclosure or short sale. We found a home that fits our criteria and put a bid in. It was a short sale. Now my husband and I know that short sale are really disguise as LONG Sales! Our bid was accepted a...
Real Estate Investors and Builders who forgo on furnishing their houses are losing potential thousand of dollars. It's easy to understand why they would forgo this last step, over budget, out of time, just to name a few of the problems, puts a crimp in your wallet. But don't under estimate what H...
We all look forward to the 4th of July where we celebrate our freedom, have a barbecue and watch the fireworks. But not everyone in the world is free. And some people see fireworks of a different kind. I'm talking about the pain and suffering that goes on in Africa in places like Darfur. I know t...
   I 've been toying with the idea to get a logo for my home staging company. I've talked to a few people and have gotten mixed response. Some say branding is very important to your company. It's a graphic representation of your company. Some say it's not important in our business. I think it is....


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