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The member benefit software model is attractive because it offers members the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of member benefit software at a reduced cost because the development and maintenance costs can be spread out over the entire membership.  Unfortunately the achievement of member benefit...
Welcome to my WINForms® Guide!  This guide will be an evolving resource to help organize information for new WINForms® users.  Click on the links below for more information.  If you have any questions about WINForms® or ZipForm®, please click comments below and post them here or contact me.Thanks...
Recently I've written several posts related to getting started at ActiveRain. I explained how to sign up for a free account and I explained the mechanics of posting, but if you've never written a blog post before, you may still feel intimidated. What should your first post be about?Your first pos...
I wanted to share some holiday cheer from Willow Glen, my neighborhood in San Jose, California. Willow Glen residents have a tradition of putting Christmas trees with lights on their front lawns.  The tradition began in the fifties when Frank Badagliacca organized his neighbors on Camino Ramon to...
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. An RSS feed is a way of syndicating content so that it can be published to feed readers and other websites. That's the jargon explanation. Let's look at a more traditional analogy.Think of a the magazine rack at Barnes & Noble or an old fashioned news sta...
In yesterday's post, Software: How to post to your ActiveRain blog, I mentioned making assumptions about other people's understanding of how to use technology.  This a challenge for everyone, not just "tech people" who were supposedly born with a Windows XP manual in one hand and a mouse in the o...
You can lead an agent to ActiveRain but you can't make them blog.  That's what I learned this week.  I bumped into an agent who reads my blog and asked him if he had signed up at ActiveRain.  He said "Yeah, I did.  I put in my contact information, uploaded my picture, and added my testimonials, j...
Alliance Title, a subsidiary of Mercury Companies Inc, closed all its California offices this week.Click here for an article in the San Jose Business Journal.Click here for an article in the Bakersfield Californian.Click here for an article in the Modesto Bee.You can also call the California Depa...
About three weeks ago, I posted Strategy: Who's Marketing Your Listing? to warn brokers and agents about Zillow's "Reported for Sale" scheme.  To summarize, Zillow encourages anyone to post listings on their site, including members of the public and agents from other brokerages, who Zillow refers...
Obviously the question in the title is rhetorical, but as a former computer support rep, I can't tell you how many times I called on agents to help them with their computers and discovered that they were playing solitaire.Last week, I posted step-by-step instructions for signing up at

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Technology and marketing information for real estate professionals in Santa Clara County and the Bay Area

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