Opportunity!  The flip side of a down economy in Westchester County NY We've all been living it ... the economy has struggled and business' bottom lines have too.  One is a reflection of the other.  But when the economy turns and we watch as everyone pulls back a bit on spending, maybe it's time ...
What do you do when you have a Rude and Nasty Customer on the phone?? They're upset because they want to speak to the Office Broker and the Broker is with a client. They DO NOT Want to hold and start cursing at you because they feel you're not being helpful!! It's Stressful to hear an unhappy cli...
When it comes to hardwood flooring in Westchester County, dark and light floors are the most popular.  Most customers seem to love the extremes.  Dark is for stylish, sleek and formal look; light is warm, airy and casual tones.  Interestingly enough, both can give modern looks.These articles expl...

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