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Wordpress, a great way to have a website, if you don't do this! (by mikey1sdf)
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When I returned to real estate several years ago, I immediately knew that I needed my own website. I wanted to own my brand, and even though I love the broker that I am affiliated with, I think that clients weigh the brand of the Realtor as much as the brokers brand. With that being said, I started with Wordpress for my site, and liked it quite a bit. My only problem is that I am a geek when it comes to such things, and quickly saw that I spent more time messing with my site, than working on my business. Not good! Also remember, to watch the load-times of the site too. Since I had so much content, pages, plug-ins and IDX, I quickly found that my site loaded too slow, and I was loosing readership. Best of luck!
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