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Not so Great (by micaholson)
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I was subscribed for a few months. The emails that were sent to my clients didn't really mesh with who I am and what I want to portray. For example a "Hair Styles" email went out to my clients showing girls with no shirts on (cut off at the top of the chest) from the last 50 years. Another email was about Jimmy Hendricks. Neither of those really match what I want to send to my clients. The emails are just sending links to other articles from around the web. I found that I can do the same thing myself, but I get to choose the emails. That leaves the tracking which is pretty cool. It is very useful to know who opens your email, and clicks on the link. But I subscribe to BombBomb and can get the same thing, but with a personal video from me. So... While pretty cheap (the one good thing about it), HappyGrashopper doesn't really serve a purpose.
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