Review for Samsung ATIV smart pc

Finally a tablet pc, that allows you to sign documents with a pen, create anything you would on a desktop and take it with you... (by terkel)
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I know, a laptop does all that and more. However, a laptop does not travel like this does and it does not have the ease of use. This is everything we wished Apple would put in a pro iPad, but never did. The S-pen give pen input and signatures with a pen like tool, and it writes like a pen, not like some phat fiber. With a full Windows 8 OS, this is not watered down, it's the full on pc, on the road. 64gb storage in a solid state drive, you can add another 64 in additional memory. Did I mention the full keyboard dock for when you want it like a laptop? Cons - only connects on at&t, not my favorite cup of tea.
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