Anthony Dashtizadeh, (Dash-T-Za-Day) (Garcia Realty Group, Luxury Sales Group)

I am a real estate SPECIALIST. I help clients buy and sell their homes as effectively as possible. My main goal is to achieve the exact result a client desires. I am the agent you count on.

Get to know Anthony Dashtizadeh

     I am a licensed Real Estate Specialist Serving the DC metropolitan area. What sets me apart from 99% of agents is commitment to selling your house aggressively. I work everyday and answer my phone always. Try me 240.353.3163. I finished high school in Arlington, Va at the age of 16. I have a international business degree and a business information technology degree, which I obtained at the age of 18 years old. I went on to work at the World Bank in Washington DC for few years in the I.T. management field until I got into real estate. I am proficient in Real Estate law, Fair Lending Practices, Market statistics and most of all, Real Estate Sales.

     I can talk #'s, on Active Rain, I am the number 1 agent in potomac, top 10 in Montgomery county, I am in the 1st percentile of agent in MD. The truth is I DON'T CARE and NEITHER SHOULD YOU. The only thing that should matter to you at the end of the day is RESULTS, RESULTS, RESULTS. I am an agressive agent. What I mean by that is: We will be the first to see a house, if you are a buyer. And I will be agressively finding buyers for your house, If I have listed it. Pricing an exposure are the key to my marketing program*

    Choosing the right Realtor for the job is often more important then a person may realize. As real estate agent we have to understand that are job is vital to the direct outcome of a transaction. We deal with humans; with that being said, how we choose to execute our plans to help acheiving the goals of our clients will reflect in their lives. In business, and in life, my ethics are to never stop until I am as close to perfection as I beleive I can be. This is why I HAVE NEVER had an unsatisfied client. Not choosing me as your realtor is perfectly fine. I just do hope that the one, which is choose has the qualties I have metioned. My concerns are mostly that the client is comfortable and informed. I believe without that you will not be able to achieve satisfaction from your clients.

    My clients eventually become friends. I usually build this relationship with them due to trust and care. I have never had a complaint. After each transaction I will always ask, " was ther something I did not do as well as it could be done". 'Could I have done something better". Of course when I first started out there were a few pointers I received. After a while, when I ask these questions the response is. No everything was perfect just continue to do what you keep doing. If you choose me we can both plan on hearing those words from you.



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     I specialize with buyer and sellers of mid to high end homes in the dc metropolitan area. I am an expert with first-time home buyers along with people relocating or moving up. Considering the nature of our business I know just about every street and neighborhood in the area other than Baltimore.I tend to not do so much business in Baltimore and the surrounding areas.  My focuses area more towards the high end areas in the washington DC Metro area, however. I am an expert negotiator and I will stop at nothing less than victory for my clients. I am adamant about educating all of my clients. whether it be a buyer or a seller I will walk them each part of the whole transaction unless they are already comfortable with the situation.

    My concerns are mostly that the client id comfortable and informed. I believe without that you will not be able to acheive satisfaction from your clients.

    One word which I would say me clients use most frequently would have to be: Caring. Even though I may have many deals happening all at the same time I have and will always find time to accomplish each goal set aside by each client. I never lead them on and I always walk them through the process and let them know what to expect through each phase of the transaction. Real estate is not only my job but it is my passion as well.


For Referring Agents Only

       It was Summer 2004. I had a friend moving back to Miami, Fl. After I helped her sell her home I tried dearly a good real estate agent to help. with no luck the Agent let us down. this was my 1st attempt at referring an out of town agent. I deeply understand the importance of conveying trust. I am in the Dc-metro area to alleviate any doubt who to refer your clients to.Be prepared to be thank by your client for referring them to me. I guarantee it.


     You can expect for me to treat your clients the way that you would treat them. I will provide around the clock service and do my very best to meet all of the goals, whether it be wants or needs, from the client. My theory is the happy the client the more successful the agent will be. So far, so good. The last thing you can expect is for your referral to call you to complain about the lack of service. I know from experience, Before using active rain, If you had a seller or buyer moving to an unfamiliar state finding an agent that can be trustworthy was like a shot in the dark. At least for me it was. Now, by choosing me as the referring agent the only call you should expect to get is one of thanks for referring them to such a caring agent.


       Shoot me an email or call me and I would be more than happy to tell you more.

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