Anne Donohue (Anne Donohue Real Estate)

215-09 Horace Harding Expwy

Bayside , NY 11364

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Get to know Anne Donohue

Anne Donohue is one of the most experienced Coop/Condo SPECIALISTS working in Queens today. Finding a Real Estate agent is easy finding one who sells Coops and Condominiums EXCLUSIVELY, invaluable. She has been selling Coops and Condominiums for over 25 years with over 2700 units sold.


Anne Donohue Real Estate's "Key to Excellent Service" comes from the knowledge that all agents are NOT built the same. You would not utilize the services of a foot doctor if you are having heart problems. Each aspect of the Real Estate market is filled with its own unique challenges. Each requires a particular proficiency. Anne Donohue's Real Estate office is separated into distinct areas of expertise. We have a group of ELITE agents whose focus of concentration is on the area of the Real Estate market that they have mastered. We are comprised of Residential Specialists, Coop Condo Specialists, Commercial Specialists and Rental Specialists.

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