Rodney Cobbler (JRAC Real Estate Investments Inc)

6862 Chilham Drive

Florissant , Mo 63033

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I buy foreclosures and other bargain priced properties way below fair market value and I sell them for a quick cash profit. I do this by passing on excellent deals to other investors and homeowner's.

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As a 15 yr season investor specializing in property acquisition, landlording and shortsales, I have been trained by and associated with some of the very best in the business as advertised below:

 Course Study:- Investing in Foreclosures - 1990 - Charles J. Givens Financial Group
- No Down Payment - 1997 - Carleton H. Sheets - Professional Education Institute
- Cashing In On Government Grants, Loans and Subsidies - 1999
- The PACTrust - 2002 - Bill Gatten - North American Realty Services, Inc.
- Instant Cash Wholesaling Houses/Probate Sales/Finding Motivated Seller's - 2003 - Scott Rister  
- The Road to Wealth No Money Down Offer and Foreclosures - 2004 - Robert Allen and Mark Victor
Hansen- Enlightened Millionaire Institute
- Private Lending Made Easy/The Basic System - 2006 - Alan Cowgill - Colby Properties LLC
- Short Sale Magic - 2007 - Tom Butler - Vision Investing Group
- No Money Down - 2007 - Carleton H. Sheets - Professional Education Institute
- Apartment House Riches - 2007 - Dave Lindahl - RE Mentor, Inc.
- One Deal From Retirement/Commercial Properties - 2007 - Toby Udwin - Element Corp

- Auto Pilot Complete Buying System - 2009 - Kris Kirschner



- Member of Christ Cathedral, 1991 to Present - Fayetteville, NC
- Northern Virginia Housing Association Board Member - 1995-96, Dale City, VA
- Vice President of Tulsa Real Estate Investment Group - 2002-03, Tulsa, OK
- President of Tulsa Real Estate Investment Group, 2003-04 - Tulsa, OK
- Network Member of North American Realty Services - 2002 to Present, Granada Hills, CA
- Member of The WIN Real Estate Investment Group - 2007 to 2008, St. Louis, MO

- Member of The Street Real Estate Investment Club - Present, St. Louis, Mo





I Specialize in Foreclosure and Shortsales as well as funding for your real estate investing needs.  I offer safe sound solutions to help homeowners save their good name and credit while avoiding foreclosure.  If you the homeowner are ready to sell, I am ready to buy.  I don't want to list your home, I want to buy your home.  I can buy anywhere at any price in any condition and can pay all cash for your home. 

Real Estate Agents I pay all CASH for LUXURY homes.  If you live in St. Louis or surrounding areas and have property that are over financed and in foreclosure, please visit to learn how we can work together to get your property sold NOW!

If you are ready to sell please visit and click the "Sale Your House Now" tab to complete the property info page and get a contract on your house today.

Got a home that just won't sell, then Lease It!

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