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Anthony Torres
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I began my career in the mortgage industry approximately 2 years after graduating from college and am now in my 6th year in originating mortgages. I love what I do and enjoy helping people. I absolutely hate the negative public image associated with mortgage brokers and take it to heart when I hear someone speaking badly about my profession.

I opened my own firm in August of 2006, Diverse Funding Solutions, LLC, with a former co-worker and friend. My friends and family like to tease me about my timing but regardless of the state of the industry at this time I will not be going anywhere. I feel the industry needs more people like myself and my partner. We're the type of people to put our clients best interests and benefits before our own. I'm never concerned about how much money I'm making with a client but am more concerned about doing the right thing. Whether I make a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars from a transaction, each client is treated with respect.

In an effort to more effecitvely communicate with real estate agents and brokers I obtained my New York Real Estate Sales Person license to gain a better understanding of the rules and regulations regarding the purchase and sale of residential real estate.

I'm a member of the New York Association of Mortgage Brokers and the National Association of Mortgage Brokers.


Although I do not have a professional designation I do consider myself a first time homebuyer specialist. Most first time homebuyers have many questions and concerns and often times don't know where to turn. I especially enjoy working with first time homebuyers as most are appreciative of my service and the personal attention that I provide.


I am a purchase loan specialist and especially enjoy working with individuals who are purchasing their first home.