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As an experienced success coach and master trainer, Bill's in the trenches experience includes: Recognition as a top producing real estate sales professional averaging 10 sales and 12 listings per month.

Over 20 years of management and ownership experience including running top ranked offices & companies in AZ, HI, FL and IL.

25+ years as a nationally recognized real estate trainer, personal coach and seminar speaker helping hundreds of thousands of real estate professionals grow their business to the next level.

Bill is also author of the new best seller Get Up, Get Over and Get On With It: 10 Lessons for Turning Setbacks Into Comebacks.

Meet Bill Fields

Success Coach and Master Trainer Bill Fields.


Certified success coach and master trainer.

JoAn Desell
I have been a real estate broker for 12 years and after going to several days of seminars given by Bill Fields, I was very impressed and decided that getting into the coaching program would help to open some avenues and direction that would allow me to be most productive. My team and I have doubled our numbers for the last 2 years and are on course to do the same this year. I would highly recommend Bill Fields if you are serious about being productive in Real Estate.
Shelly Lutner
Bill Fields is the most effective business coach that I have ever had the privilege of recommending to my customers. Bill is a masterful 'change agent'; he understands the fine differences between leadership, training, coaching and engagement and moves with tremendous ease and skill between each of these roles when working with his clients.
Craig Duran
I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for everything that you have done for me over the last 2 1/2 years. When we first started working together I was a typical, struggling real estate agent just trying to get by. After more than doubling my business IN THE FIRST YEAR of working with you, then DOUBLING IT AGAIN THIS YEAR, I am pleased to report that I now know that I am in control of my business. Thank you for giving me a career.
Phil Bremmer
At the time I first met you, I had plans of 2 listings per month with 1 or 2 sales per month. I thought this would be good in relationship to other agents in the area and agents in my office. Your program encouraged me to look higher. So I doubled those numbers. Now my goal was 4 listings a month with 3 to 4 sales a month. With your ideas I achieved these goals last week. It only took me 10 days. I still have a lot of the month left. Thanks!!

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