Christyna Butcher (Absolute Realtor Solutions)

Christyna Butcher, an Independent Transaction Coordinator has a combined 13 years of experience as a T.C. I charge per file and bill through escrow. If your escrow does not close-no charge.

Get to know Christyna Butcher

Hi, Everyone,

Being in Real Estate since 1995, I have really appreciated my clients and piers.  I have had the opportunity to learn so much, good and bad, from the people and professionals I have surrounded myself with.  This is a trying market for Realtors, but who doesn't love a challenge?  I have experience in loans, property management, title and escrow, sales and leases.  If you have a question or many questions, I do invite you to contact me.  I love being in this industry and have an appreciation for sharing my knowledge or learning something new. As an independent transaction coordinator I am proactive with a web-based software that gives id's and passwords to your client, assistant, escrow, lender, or to just keep for yourself. I charge $350 per file and if your escrow does not close there is no charge. I am just a phone call away, 909.816.8305 or an email away at

I look forward to talking to you and wish everyone the best, always.


I have always enjoyed working in the "administrative" part of real estate. I pride myself on making my clients know that even if I am not based in their office, I am still reachable and working hard to get their transaction closed.

I have had the opportunity to also be employed with Top Producing Brokers/Realtors but also at Title companies and Escrow companies. As a Broker/Agent assistant I have had plenty experience with REO's and HUD properties.  So in 13 years in Real Estate, if this industry was a "world" - I guess you could say I have traveled around it.  During this time I have seen many things and the great thing is, is that I will continue to see many things because this industry, like many, changes constantly.

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