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My Unique Value Proposition


You have many choices when it comes to choosing a real estate sales professional to sell your home.  It's a decision you should consider carefully.  After all, you are dealing with your biggest financial investment.

Let me tell you what I can bring to the table to help you reach your goals.  First, I work for Keller Williams Realty.  This is a benefit to you because I work for the third largest real estate company in the United States.  We're continuing to grow.  You also benefit by the team of people and support staff working with me to help move along the process to help you achieve your goals.  I guarantee you won't find a more dedicated group of people than the agents and staff of the Keller Williams San Diego Metro office.

Secondly, I have shifted with this topsy turvy market and have become very savvy in short sale transactions.  I still continue to list and sell traditional sales.  What's the benefit to you, you ask?  First and foremost, I've built up a number of contacts at various banks to get to the right person to get your offer presented to the seller.  Did you know that departments at the banks don't communicate with one another?  Seems unreasonable I know but it's little pearls of wisdom like that which can help make the process move along.  Secondly, I have a system that helps keep buyers in place.  Also, you will be updated regularly with any changes in the process.

Third, I have the most up to date information when it comes to the short sale process.  This benefits you because I stay on top of trends.  I am attending classes quarterly to help answer any of your questions you may have about the process and also stay up on any changes with the government bail out policies. 

Finally, I have a tangible level of care for you and your family.  You benefit by knowing I am here to watch out for your best interest and by having the confidence in an agent who can get the job done and close this chapter in your life. 

Remember I'm not here to make a living.  I'm here to make a difference for you. 


Wow! What a roller coaster ride we are on in this market.  Everytime I turn around there is a new turn.  It's exciting!  I can't tell you how thrilled I am about all the changes that take place.  That's why when picking the right agent to work with you need someone who is going to stay on top of what's going on in the market place.  That person is ME!  The bulk of my business is short sales.  I get a lot of clients who are embarrassed about their situation.  It's ok!  There is nothing shameful about what you are going through.  That's why I decided to make this the focus of my business. When I started, I wanted to stay away from short sales but I quickly realized that I had to do something with them.  Why you ask?  Not for the money but because I saw so many people getting ripped off and paying big bucks to loan modification companies and turning to these companies for help.  My heart ached for people getting ripped off.  Here you are going through one of the biggest life changing experiences and now someone is trying to take advantage of you.  It's not right. So, I decided I would work to help people work thorugh this difficult process.


Hey Everyone! Short sale savvy agent working in San Diego. My goal with each client is to make them feel like they have a tangible level of care provided to them.